Charity idea – ball in normal clothes

4 Apr

photo 3
It’s coming up to that time of year where year 11 and 13 students are thinking about their leaving balls.
Would you consider saving the money you’d spend on a dress or hiring a suit and giving it to charity instead? Would it matter if only some people did that?
If you’re not that age, what other unnecessary extravagance could you give up and donate the money to charity instead?
How much might it raise?
Which charity would you donate to?


Perseverance. The story of Nick Vujicic.

23 Mar

How would you have dealt with this in your life or someone you love?
What things will Nick have not been able to experience that you would miss?
Given what Nick is like, what’s your excuse for giving up on little, easy tasks?


Shark attack!

19 Mar

photo 4
Note that that says humans killed per year, sharks killed per hour.
As a maths person, my first thought is that many sharks being killed possible? You could spend a little time seeing how many sharks that would be per year.
Another line of thought is obviously considering how bad an environmental disaster are we as humans?


Social Media Guard (Coca-Cola)

17 Mar

Shame it’s an advert but I like the main message.


i before e except after c

14 Mar

photo 1
If this is true (is it? Just because it’s on the internet…) then why do people come up with rules like this?
Can you think of any other similar rules that are more like ‘guidelines’?


Texting and Driving

13 Mar

You should definitely watch this before you watch it with a class. I find it very difficult to watch.

Really tricky issue and certainly hits home with me. I have two children and the thought of them …. Anyway.

Interesting to gauge whether it has the same effect on younger people who can’t drive yet (and won’t be for some time).


Do Math(s) in your head – Danica McKellar

11 Mar

This one’s a little different in that it’s specifically subject themed. I think there are some important messages in here and it’s good that Danica is being honest about realistic expectations for ‘math in your head’.

If you’re one of those teachers who says “I could never do maths”, watch this one with your class and stop saying it. Seriously – stop it 😉